Learn to Cook Healthy in Simple Steps

healthy-kitchen-logo Cooking is not hard, especially if you follow a chef’s notes or a cook. However, not everyone is skilled in doing this, and some of the people prefer to use half-frozen dishes to make it easier for their cooking and to compensate their lack of skills in this domain.

What it’s also true is that not everyone knows how to cook healthy – most of the people use ingredients that can harm them in the long term, even if they are not aware of doing this. As some illnesses can occur due to constant use of one dangerous ingredient or another, this cooking process requires more attention that people have originally thought.

food_1Here are some cooking tips to help you cook healthier and better for you and your family.

Get Fresh Ingredients

No matter what you are trying to cook, make sure that the ingredients you use are fresh. This means that you should buy them no more than a day before cooking. Some ingredients can expire if they are kept too much in the fridge or in the cabinet, so make sure you hahealthy recipesve bought them recently. For example, the eggs, the milk, the meat and other such ingredients are sensitive and they should be fresh when you use them.

Follow the Recipe

If you have a cooking book, but you have never cooked before, try the easiest recipes at first. Make some pasta or a steak, as this will allow you to build experience and also to learn how to cook different dishes. At first, make sure you respect the quantity of the ingredients presented in the recipe. After some time, you will know what to use and how to use it, without measuring it. If you had no skill before, now you will surely amaze your friends and family.


Once you have managed the art of cooking, you can start improvising. See different recipes and how well the ingredients complement one another – this is the first step to see what you can improvise. For example, start with a pasta recipe – if you have the recipe with chicken meat or other kind of meat, you can also try to make a recipe with ham or with other kinds of meat, like Kaiser for example. Try different recipes until you get one that you like.

Use Proper Utensils

To make sure you succeed in your journey as a great cook for your family, make sure you have the proper kitchen utensils. This means that you will have to have at least a few good cutting knives, one or more cutting boards, different measure cups, different pots and so on. If you notice that you miss something, note it down and buy that item the next time you go shopping. Different utensils will shorten the time of zBnqof2cooking and it will also improve your technique.

No Microwave

If you want to learn how to cook healthy, you should leave aside the ingredients that can be cooked with the microwave oven. Learn how to use the electric oven, as it is far better than anything else. If you have a gas oven, that’s as good as the electric one, even if it is not so precise. Make sure you know thealthy-eatinghe right temperatures of a dish before cooking it, as it can be left undone or too burnt.

More Greens

The vegetables and greeneries have been part of people’s lives for so long, but they do tend to forget that. Introduce them into your diet and learn to cook them properly. However, no matter how you decide to cook them, the vegetables are good in every form and shape that you find them available. If you want the easiest recipe – simply make a salad with the vegetables you have. It can be a meal on its own or it can be a food garnish, depending on the preferences.